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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playstation Color Logo Creator V2.511

This version is a slight mod of version 2.51.
Instead of Photoshop I have replaced it with GIMP 2.6, DDS plugin is included.
For now I will say use with care since I have not figured out what settings need to be set in GIMP to create a successful coldboot, if anything stay away from this version unless you want to test.

I am looking at 2 potential alternatives for photoshop.
One being the one found in this version and the other is Paint.Net.

My ps3 is unfortunately not functional and so I want to take this time to request testers.
Testers need to keep in mind that installing a messed up coldboot cannot perma-brick your ps3.
Testers also must know before hand that if the system does hang or seem to be in a brick state that
they should be ready to reinstall the firmware.
Testers goal is to find a working setting while saving that will create a working coldboot and report it.
ProTip: it is one of the DXT5 options.
Protip2: use save as and not save to get to the different settings that need to be tested.

Replaced bundled Photoshop with gimp 2.6 portable (added dds plugin).
Kind of stupid of me but added a close button in the help menu.
Changed the browse window to browse to any editor and not just Photoshop.exe

Future plans:
Update help menu with editing/saving information.
Fix the issue of not loading preview image on slow computers (maybe sometime soon)
Get a Paint.Net variant version (maybe)
Add simple preset animations ex: scroll in from left/right/top/bottom (possibly sooner then later)
UI changes (eventually going to happen)

Download: (Intentionally removed, will NOT re-upload).


  1. Do you mind if I post this on This looks just like things we try to do for the console gaming community.

  2. needs ".net frameworks" so i think is not an option because most people dont have .net framework, great program but .net frameworks sucks

    The other option is the nvdxt.exe command line tool, is the faster, lighter in size, and failsafe option
    Is not needed to include an image editor with your app, every user can choose the one he likes

  3. No problem post anywhere you like.

    A direct converting tool will be nice. But still I haven't had time lately to start on such a project. When I have time I'll hit you up on IRC and we can discuss the project.

    Thanks again for comments guys.

  4. Reupload link please ... It was deleted :(

  5. hi Tizzi, please check the links couse don't works :(

    1. Sorry but I will NOT be uploading this version again. Please use the latest version "Easy Static RAF Converter v1.0a".